A Tale in Arridia

Drifts of sand pearled at the tips of her bare toes and two moons shone down on her. The small, man-made stream that should-have-irrigated the edges of Arridia, or at least stopped the desert, dripped like dewdrops in winding paths that she sat on the edge of. The sky was clear enough, but the air was drier than she’d felt in a long time. The girl bit down on her nails impatiently, waiting for him to come and whisk her away.

In Cold Blood

The mausk moved deftly along the garden wall, each soft paw silently brushing through the course debris to reach the mansion’s rear wall. It spanned at least four times her height — difficult, but not impossible. Below, two guards wandered, entertaining themselves with quiet whistling and slow walks. Whether they heard her or not was…… Continue reading In Cold Blood

In Leofric Manor

15th Day of Reap Moon, 1426 Ophelia’s Diary – Maid and Midwife of Leofric Manor Morning – 8:00 Perplexing. Strange things are happening with little Roenne. It’s been months since her father’s disappearance; I thought she was getting better, but if anything, she’s only gotten worse. In the four years I’ve known her, she’s always…… Continue reading In Leofric Manor