A Story For Rana

The origin of Tespis


In Leofric Manor

15th Day of Reap Moon, 1426 Ophelia’s Diary – Maid and Midwife of Leofric Manor Morning – 8:00 Perplexing. Strange things are happening with little Roenne. It’s been months since her father’s disappearance; I thought she was getting better, but if anything, she’s only gotten worse. In the four years I’ve known her, she’s always…… Continue reading In Leofric Manor

Blizzard’s Haven

Blizzards were notoriously common in Alvkhret, though, in the woman’s twenty years, she’d never been caught in one so fierce. Whilst initially she’d relished being lost in a white blanket of cold, she was realizing now that these crude outlines that made up her hands looked were becoming frostbitten. Vivid images of the blacksmith’s wife…… Continue reading Blizzard’s Haven