Hot Pursuit

  11th Day of the Reap Moon, 1426 13 days after the Forges Ignited “There you are, my dear. Have you washed your hands? I have a gift for you.” The young mausk’s ears rose at the low voice as she entered the elegant parlor. She approached the mausk seated in the deep leather armchair…… Continue reading Hot Pursuit

Blog #21: Minions and Monsters and Insects, Oh My!

Greetings, Forgers, Coming right on the heels of the Lucan Forger kit release, we have a lot of progress to show you on things you’ve seen before! The Fist of Ouros came crashing down on Friday, showing off another one of our supports, and definitely our most manly Forger so far. Past weeks set the foundation for…… Continue reading Blog #21: Minions and Monsters and Insects, Oh My!