Blizzard’s Haven

Blizzards were notoriously common in Alvkhret, though, in the woman’s twenty years, she’d never been caught in one so fierce. Whilst initially she’d relished being lost in a white blanket of cold, she was realizing now that these crude outlines that made up her hands looked were becoming frostbitten. Vivid images of the blacksmith’s wife…… Continue reading Blizzard’s Haven

June Megablog: You’re only good for vision edition

Greetings, Forgers, Over the past month, we’ve seen a lot of things happen. Nazarah, for example, was shown off and given life in our Forger spotlight. A microlore blog was released, showing a rather unsightly underbelly of the AetherForged world. If you’ve watched any of our streams, which you should keep tabs on here, you’ll…… Continue reading June Megablog: You’re only good for vision edition