July Megablog: Lucan for a good time?

Hey all, Dink_Dunk here, back at the helm!

Finally back to writing one of these, it’s been too long! This month has been particularly hectic, streams have been steadily growing and we finally got our sub button! Thanks to everyone that has subscribed so far, it’s been a great experience interacting regularly with you all.

There have been so many changes this month, a new Forger, new models, map assets, art… too much to mention it feels.

Finding the path

Jaromir was released this month, he’s been hiding away the past two years ready to pounce. We released a story, lore piece and his spotlight this time around, we hope everyone enjoys the new format we release our forgers!

Enjoy the final concept for Jaromir, done by the amazing Jacob:

Jaromir Final Concept

I’ll be hosting Jacob whenever he’s online doing Aetherforged stuff, but here are some links if you want to follow him directly for art or cosplay!

Twitter | Portfolio| Twitch

Out of the blizzard

There have been tons of advancements on the game side of things, I’ve gone through and collated my favourites:

  • Client GFX & updates
  • Client newsfeed
  • Projectiles rework/reimplementation
  • Minion AI updates
  • Private lobbies
  • Lucan, Nibra, Sil kit updates
  • Visionary Q projectile
  • Disable pan on unfocus
  • Forger swapping (testing purposes only)
  • Dashes implementation
  • Tespis VFX in progress
  • Attack angles

Including another lore snippet: The wilds

The snowstorm clears

Over the course of the last month, Nardandas has been working away on getting our fog of war and vision up to snuff. It’s working pretty smoothly and is just requiring some polish now.


Views from the Forge

Melvyn here, with an update on some of the less fabulous systems with the game. We’ve been hastily crossing off boxes on our Pre-Alpha schedule and two areas I’ve particularly been involved in most is both the Game Client and in-game Map.

An arduous path has been carved over the past few weeks, with the external Client Interface as a destination. Gigi, Zakki and I have built a user-accessible client from the ground up and spent a large amount of time researching ‘pregame’ clients in an effort to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for our players. A number of our pregame systems (such as Loadouts*, Profiles etc) are in a tentative unbuilt state, but tying all this together is the GUI and Client players can interact with to traverse the various game modes, options and information concerning the game (Remember, it’s all iterative and very likely to change throughout development):


Ingame however, our resident Environmental Artist Omegabeard has worked tirelessly, producing assets to be used within the game, building the foundation and fundamentals of the map. We’re taking a rudimentary approach to building the Forge to begin, painstakingly placing each rock, chasm and leaf to craft bespoke walls and blocks to jump over and through. Bear in mind at this time the map and assets are not finalized and are likely to change before final release.


Furthermore, we have incredibly exciting news to bring you in due time, and though it’s safe to assume the magnitude we are releasing developmental updates to gradually slow as we approach the end of our pre-alpha building phase, we’ll be dropping some of the largest content updates and developmental blogs and more in good time.


The Unbeaten Path

On top of all of the above, there have been tons of changes on our team, organisation being a big priority that hopefully leaks out into more content for you guys!

Make sure to join our discord, I love talking to everyone there. And join in during streams, where you might hear an accidental name drop of an unannounced Forger…


Have a fantastic week everyone,

Duncan “Dink_Dunk” Duguid

Lead Developer



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